Town of Ocean Ridge
6450 North Ocean Blvd.
Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

Proudly serving the residents of Ocean Ridge for 86 years

The Mission of the Town of Ocean Ridge is to create and maintain a beautifully landscaped, diverse seaside community built around the family and civic pride, state of the art public services and infrastructure that enhances the natural beauty of our Town.

Town Hall:
561-732-2635 (main)
561-737-8359 (fax)
561-738-ORFL (6735)
Citizen Information Line

Town Hall Hours:
M-F 8:30am-3:00pm

Police Dept.:
911 (emergency)
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Building Permit Forms

All forms are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

General Permitting Information
Want to know if a particular job requires a permit and what forms may be required?  This form may help. 
If you have any questions, please call Town Hall 561-732-2635.

Building Permit Checklist
This is for new structures and additions.  You may also download the entire code at MuniCode.  You must bring this form with you when submitting for new SFR/MFR, additions, and renovations.
Building Permit Application
NEW - 1) Owner signature now required on permit application plus notarized. 2) Application now reflects new BIF/DCA Building Permit Surcharge.
Generic form. Cash or check only; pay at time of submittal. Submit original notarized form. 
Business/Occupational License Registration
Use link to print out registration form for 2011-12 Fiscal Year.  All companies working in Ocean Ridge must be registered (pest control exempt).  Copies of licenses expiring 2012 or later, general liability, workman's comp/exempt must be submitted with payment (cash or check only). Certificate of Competency not accepted. Renewals will be sent out in mid-August.  If you are submitting a building permit at the same time as registering, please pay for business registration separately during renewal time. 
Change of Contractor Form
Old contractor, new contractor and property owner signatures required.
C/O Checklist
List of inspections and paperwork required before a certificate of occupancy will be issues.
Demolition Permit Checklist
Development Action Form
Driveway Swale Detail Forms
Early Power Release Form
Easement Consent Form
Elevation Certificate Form or entire Elevation Certificate Booklet
exp. March 2012
Must be filled out correctly by surveyor and turned in before a final building/certificate of occupancy will be issued.  If any part of the elevation certificate is incorrect, you must have it corrected.
Fill Permit Application
Submit application, payment, and 2 copies of plans with detailed information.  You may request a copy of Ordinance No. 448 if you would like additional fill information.

General Permitting Information
Want to know if a particular job requires a permit?  This form may help.  If you have any questions, please call Town Hall 561-732-2635.

Hurricane Mitigation Forms
Submit two copies with permit application.
Land Development Code Variance/ Appeal Application
No-Fee Sub Permit Application
Submit original notarized form.
Notice of Commencement
Must use PBC's legal form! (New form as of Oct. 1, 2011)
Notice of Commencement can be filed at the Main Courthouse, 205 N. Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Recorded copy must be submitted before permit can be released.
Owner/Builder Affidavit
Permit Revision Application
Submit revision with backup material (if any).  Revision fees apply.
Palm Beach County Building Permit  Renewal Request Form
Use this form if the original permit was with the Palm Beach County Building Department and needs to be closed.  After filling out the forms, bring by Town Hall so that we can sign off, then take to PBC Bldg Dept. along with copy of permit.  After permit has been finaled/closed with PBC, fax a copy of inspection report so that we can update our records.
Roofing Forms Packet
All new roofs and reroofs are required to submit the following forms when submitting a permit.  You may also need the hurricane mitigation form above.