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The Town of Ocean Ridge has been verified as a Class 7 in the National Flood Insurance Program's (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS).  NFIP policies issued or renewed for properties in the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) will receive a 15% premium discount. 

The NFIP is a Federal program enabling property owners to purchase insurance protection against losses from flooding.  This insurance is designed to provide an insurance alternative to disaster assistance to meet the escalating costs of repairing damage to buildings and their contents caused by floods.

Many people do not realize that homeowner's insurance does not cover losses due to flooding.  Informing yourself about flood protection is very important for protecting your family, possessions, and home.  The following information and links are provided to assist you in increasing your awareness about flood protection.  Additionally, the County Library System provides flood protection information, and maintains copies on the flood insurance rate maps for the entire county along with explanations on their use to determine flood zones and elevations.   Elevation certificates in the floodplain may be available at Town Hall.  Please call or email to inquire about a particular property.

If you have additional questions, please call Town Hall at 561-732-2635 or email.

General Flooding Information and Other Helpful Resources

Notice to Residents: Flood Hazard Information Letter

Floodplain Management Plan Annual Progress Report 2018 / Flood Control Study June 2018
New Flood Maps (Effective October 5, 2017)

Map Changes and Flood Insurance: What Property Owners Need to Know

Answers to Questions about the NFIP
Myths and Facts about NFIP, Flood Protection Methods, Top 10 Facts (PDF file) Is Your Home Protected From Hurricane Disaster?
A Homeowner's Guide to Hurricane Retrofit
Emergency Preparedness Planning and People with Special Needs (PDF file)
An information guide for people with disabilities who may require special assistance during an emergency evacuation.
Local Officials Guide for Coastal Construction
Flood Insurance Information
Gives brief overview of the NFIP, mandatory purchase requirements, and explains briefly how it works.
Mandatory Purchase of Flood Insurance
Flood Insurance Claims Handbook
NFIP/FEMA's handbook.
NFIP Summary of Coverage
Document prepared by FEMA to help you understand flood insurance policy.
General Information About Protecting
Your Family and Property From Floods

General information about the flood warning system, flood safety, building protection measures, etc.
Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information to Get Ready
Glossary of Terms
Commonly used terms in NFIP.
Write Your Own (WYO) Company Customer Toll-Free Numbers
Get in touch with participating insurance companies regarding flood insurance.
Hiring A Contractor?
Tips on what to look for when hiring a contractor. Report any suspected unlicensed activity to DBPR by emailing ula@myfloridalicense.com or call the Unlicensed Activity Hotline at 1-866-532-1440.
Why We Map Flood Risks
FEMA's guide to floodplain management & flood insurance
Hurricane Letter from Chief Hutchins
Letter from the Chief that contains evacuation and shelter information, how to prepare your home before a storm, what to take with you to a shelter, and other helpful information.
Now's The Time To Save On Flood Insurance
Palm Beach County flood risk maps are changing October 5, 2017

Town's Code of Ordinances

Flood Damage Prevention
Chapter 66 Environmental Regulations. Article II. 
Chapter 67 Building and Building Regulations. Article V.
Drainage and stormwater management plan as pertains to subdivisions.
Stormwater Systems
Chapter 66 Environmental Regulations. Article III.
Clearing, Excavation, and Filling of Land
Chapter 67 Building and Building Regulations. Article III.
Drainage information as pertains to clearing, excavation, and fill.
Technical Codes and Other Construction Standards
Chapter 67 Building and Building Regulations. Article III.
Floor elevation, drainage, swales, driveways, flood damage prevention for utility systems.
Erosion, Sediment, Dust
Chapter 67 Building and Building Regulations. Article III.
Information on stormwater management plan and standards.  Specific information must be submitted with all building permits or site plan approval, as applicable.
Ordinance No. 623 - Amending Chapter 1, "General Provisions", Section 1-3, "Definitions"; Amending Chapter 66 "Environmental Regulations", by repealing Article II, "Flood Damage Prevention" and enacting a new Article II, "Floodplain Management", to adopt flood hazard maps, to designate a floodplain administrator, to adopt procedures and criteria for development in flood hazard areas and for other purposes; and amending Chapter 67 "Buildings and Building Regulations", Article III, "Technical Codes and Other Construction Standards", Division 1, "Generally", to clarify the minimum floor elevation and to adopt technical amendments to the Florida Building Code.

Helpful External Links

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Link to FEMA's main website.
FEMA's Protecting Homes
Palm Beach County Flood Information
Provides local flood information and resources.
Flood Smart
Official site of the NFIP
PBCEM Surge Area Mapping System
Link to SAMS which shows surge information as well as evacuation route.  Simply type in your last name or address to access information.
National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
Information regarding the flood program.
South Florida Water Management District
Manages and protects the states water resources.
National Weather Service
For local and national weather information
U. S. Geological Survey  - Real Time Gage Data
See real time gage data for Palm Beach County as well as other areas.
Palm Beach County Library System's Flood Protection Library
List of FEMA/flood information located at the public library.

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