Please stay tuned to your local tv and radio stations for up to date information and storm advisories.  Questions call 732-2635 or police dept 732-8331.  Emergencies: call 911.  Power Outage/Status: 800-4-OUTAGE

Hurricane Information
Ocean Ridge Information Line
738-ORFL (738-6735)

Palm Beach County Hurricane Preparedness Guides are now available online.
Did You Know?
A Hurricane/Tropical Storm Watch will be issued 36 hours in advance.
A Hurricane/Tropical Storm Warning will be issued 24 hours in advance.
Before A Storm

Hurricane Season 2017
Letter from Police Chief in regards to preparing for the hurricane season.  Hurricane season begins June 1 - November 30.

The following are a list of stores with generators/transfer switches. This list does not guarantee that they will be open and operational after a storm.  Please call the stores/gas stations directly to verify this information.

Know Your Zone

Evacuation Zones
Map of evacuation routes in Palm Beach County

Important Phone Numbers To Know
List of numbers to insurance commissioner, county officials, FEMA, police, utilities, etc.

Is Your Home Protected From Hurricane Disaster?
A Homeowner's Guide to Hurricane Retrofit

Tree-Trimming Contractor List (FPL)
FPL's list of approved contractors.
FPL's Guide to Trees and Power Lines

Vegetation Cleanup 2017
Letter from Police Chief in regards to preparing your yard before a hurricane.

Solid Waste Authority: Hurricane Garbage & Storm Debris 2017

During A Storm

Saffir-Simpson Scale

Category Wind Speed
1 74 to 95 mph
2 96 to 110 mph
3 111 to 130 mph
4 131 to 155 mph
5 155+ mph

Source: Palm Beach County website

During Landfall (PBC)
Helpful information and safety tips compiled by Palm Beach County

After A Storm

Who Helps After A Storm? (PBC)
Information on who helps after a storm.

FEMA Disaster Recovery and Assistance
General Post-Storm Safety (PBC)
A bunch of post-storm safety tips.
Hurricane Information Links
Florida Division of Emergency Management Hurricane Preparedness Guide 2016
FEMA Hurricane Season National Hurricane Center
Hurricane Tracking Chart
FEMA Disaster Assistance Palm Beach County Hurricane Information
National Weather Service PBCEM Surge Area Mapping System
NOAA Storm Surge Interactive Maps U. S. Geologic Survey - Real Time Gage Data

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Much of the information posted has been gathered from
Palm Beach County's Hurricane Preparedness website.

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