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Ocean Ridge SeeClickFix

Report an Issue or Make a Suggestion

Connect with the Town of Ocean Ridge with our free app. Reporting a concern is now just a click away!

Using the SeeClickFix app below to report non-emergency issues such as solid waste issues, potholes, overgrown lots, and more!

  • Give it a try. It’s an easy way to report non-emergency issues!
  • Snap a photo of the issue (or just tell us with text) and we’ll address the issue in a timely manner.
  • You will get an update via email on what is being done to resolve your reported issue.

Town staff responds to SeeClickFix requests during regular business hours. If this report comes in on a holiday, weekend, or after-hours, your request will be read during regular business hours and you should receive an update within 72 hours. PLEASE NOTE: SeeClickFix is not to be used for emergencies. For urgent matters that require immediate attention or police response, call Ocean Ridge Police Department’s non-emergency phone number 561-732-8331.

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How Do I Report An Issue?