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Building Department Forms

Effective 10/1/23
- We are commencing our new Contractor Registration Program in the Town of Ocean Ridge.  You MUST submit the following form with all required documents (no partials will be accepted and will not register you).
Contractor Registration Form **** Even if you have submitted these items in the past, this is a new program for the Town and all new, valid (current) information must be submitted at the time of registration (No Exceptions!!!). ***   If you do not want to come in person, you may send the COMPLETE registration packet to permit@oceanridgeflorida.com

When submitting for a Building Permit Application, please include the following (other information may be required depending on the type of work - please review the additional checklists below). 

Permits will not be accepted if missing any required documents:

  • One (1) signed and notarized Building Permit Application;
  • One (1) Contractor Registration with Town of Ocean Ridge
  • Two (2) complete lists of all subcontractors (for large scale projects)
  • One (1) Sub-Contractor Registration (if applicable)
  • Two (2) sets of scope of work and square footage valuation or project contract with owner's signature;
  • Two (2) sets of the recorded and certified Notice of Commencement (if applicable),
  • One (1) Signed/initialed Construction Site Management Handbook; 
  • One (1) copy of the PBC Property Appraiser's Property Detail Record; 
  • Two (2) sets of Condo/Association Approval (if applicable); 
  • Two (2) sets of back-up material (plans, surveys, product approvals, specs, etc.). Three (3) sets and pdf files may be required if project requires engineer review;
  • One (1) set of the architect, landscape architect, and engineers FDBPR license;
  • Please note that if you are digging in the ground for projects such as, but not limited to: fences, trees, pavers, decks, septic, etc, you will need two (2) sets of an approval letter from the Palm Beach County Health Department. 
  • Generators must have Health Department and Boynton Beach Fire Department approval BEFORE you submit your application with the Town of Ocean Ridge. 
  • Payment (cash, check, echeck, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express - service fee applied to echeck $2.00 and cards 3%). If paying online via Point & Pay please include receipt with permit application package.
  • Other forms, plans, or approvals may be required depending on the type of project. Please see the checklists below and the General Permitting & Building Department Information for more details.
No work may commence without first having the approved and issued Building Permit Package posted on the jobsite.

The application needs to be submitted in its entirety to be considered a complete application. For more information, please review the General Permitting & Building Department Information or contact the Building Clerk at 561-732-2635. For the Florida Building Code, please click here.

The Building Permit Forms may be printed, completed, and delivered to the Building Department (hit refresh after opening document to view most up-to-date form). If forms are not linked, please call Town Hall at 561-732-2635 to request the form to be emailed to you. Old and outdated forms will not be accepted.

Did you know that there is a building permit application expediting fee? The fee is 50 percent of the permit fee plus $50.00.

ACCA Manual Form
Affidavit to Appoint Agent (not for permit runner usage)
Annual Facility Maintenance Application

Appeal Decision of Administrative Official Application 
Appeal Decision of Planning & Zoning Commission Application 
Asbestos Notification Statement  (required for all demolitions and/or renovations)

Building Permit Application Package
Sub Permit Application (cost and plans included with main permit package)

Building Permit Checklist (for new structures, additions, remodels, SI/SD)
Change of Contractor Form
Change of Permit Status Form
Certificate of Occupancy/Completion Application

Certificate of Occupancy/Completion Checklist 
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy/Completion Application 

Construction Site Management Handbook
Demolition Permit Checklist & Forms
Driveway Checklist/Swale Agreement Form & Details
Dune Planting Application

Dune Trimming Application
Early Power Release Form
Elevation Certificate Booklet (required with construction drawings, before vertical construction and prior to issuance of C/C or C/O)
Elevation Certificate Guidance
Electrical Torque Affidavit  
Energy Performance Level (EPL) Display Card
Envelope Leakage Test Report

Fence Permit Checklist
Fill Permit/Lot Clearing Application

FPL's Caring for Trees Handout
Inspection Request Form    (Inspections with Boynton Beach Fire Department will not be done on Fridays)
Land Development Action Application 
Land Development Code Variance Application 

Land Development Code Administrative Variance Application 
Letter of Transmittal Form 
Mandatory Duct Inspection Certification Form 
Nonconversion Agreement
Notice of Commencement Form
Owner-Builder Affidavit Disclosure Statement Form
Private Provider Application Package
Reroof & Hurricane Mitigation Forms

Rental Registration Application
Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act Form
Revision Form

Right-of-Way Parking Permit Application
Septic Permit Checklist 
SI/SD Detailed Construction Cost Breakdown Itemization Package
Solar Panel Inspection Affidavit
Temporary Structure Request Form
Tree Permit Application and Checklist
Window/Door Install Affidavit
Zoning Verification Letter Request

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