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Support Group

The Ocean Ridge Support Group, Inc., adopted on April 13, 1976, is a non-profit corporation, the objective of which is to organize the residents and property owners in the Town of Ocean Ridge and surrounding area into a benevolent, educational and social corporation and to provide training for the purpose of protecting lives and property and promoting good will within the surrounding coastal communities.

The Ocean Ridge Support Group receives financial support through donations solicited directly by the Support Group on an annual basis.  If you would like to donate to the Support Group, please send donations directly to Ocean Ridge Police Department Support Group, Inc. at 6450 N. Ocean Blvd., Ocean Ridge, FL 33435.

Reserve Police Officers as well as Employees of the Town of Ocean Ridge are all members of the Support Group by virtue of their employment, however, they are not required to participate in Support Group activities or events as this is a completely voluntary organization. Support Group Members volunteer their time and effort to ensure the success of the organization for the purpose of improving the Police Department and the Town as a whole.  The group meets once a month to conduct a business meeting and to offer social interaction among all members.

DSC_0033Members of the Support Group have participated in every major weather event as well as many major incidents to include Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Local Flooding, Water Main Breaks and assist with traffic control, clearing trees and debris from the roadways, surveying down power lines, cleaning storm drains and responding to calls for service as needed.

The Town Hall and Police Complex has a small gym to promote the health and wellness of all Town employees, which was provided through the generous donations by Town residents.

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Open M-F 8:30am-3:00pm

6450 N. Ocean Blvd

Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

contact information

561-732-2635 (main)

Citizen Information Line:

561-738-ORFL (6735)


911 (emergency)

561-732-8331 (non-emergency)
6450 N. Ocean Blvd
Ocean Ridge, FL 33435
Open 24 Hours

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