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Public Works Department

Billy Armstrong, Public Works Supervisor


(VACANT), Public Works I

The Public Works/Maintenance employees are responsible for the maintenance of Town Buildings & Town property including vehicles, generators, streets, sidewalks, beach crossovers and sign maintenance; coordination with town vendors for various street and maintenance projects including stormwater, pumps and drainage infrastructure maintenance; maintains and monitors the Town's stormwater drainage systems; monitors flood-prone areas in extreme flooding situations; maintains hardware and software updates for the SCADA system for stormwater and equipment monitoring; maintains the Town's fuel inventory; mows and performs tree and/or shrub trimming in certain areas of town; maintains fire hydrants; cleans debris after traffic accidents; assists with Town Events; assists with NFIP/CRS annual re-certification report; attends meetings; coordinates with Town Engineer on SCADA and GIS programs; orders and monitors inventory of maintenance supplies; and removes garbage/recycling from town properties, beach crossovers, and public ways.

Citizens who have maintenance concerns or would like to report issues they see on the streets are encouraged to report the issue to one of the email addresses listed above or call Town Hall at 561-732-2635.
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Open M-F 8:30am-3:00pm

6450 N. Ocean Blvd

Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

contact information

561-732-2635 (main)

Citizen Information Line:

561-738-ORFL (6735)


911 (emergency)

561-732-8331 (non-emergency)
6450 N. Ocean Blvd
Ocean Ridge, FL 33435
Open 24 Hours

Public Records Hours: