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Town Clerk & Treasurer

Tracey L. Stevens, MMC, CCM
Acting Town Manager, Finance Director & Town Clerk
Phone: 561-732-2635 Ext 14
Fax: 561-737-8359

Jean Hallahan, Treasurer
Phone: 561-732-2635 Ext 10

Karla Armstrong, Deputy Town Clerk
561-732-2635 Ext 13

Kathie Gatewood, Assistant Town Clerk
561-732-2635 Ext 36

Functions & Duties of the Town Clerk:
The Town Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining, recording and preserving all official documents and proceedings of the Town.  The Town Clerk is the custodian of the Town seal and authenticates by signature and records all official legislative actions of the Town Commission.  The Town Clerk coordinates the bidding process, and maintains and countersigns all contracts made on behalf of the Town.  The Town Clerk also: prepares public and legal notices;  prepares and distributes Town Commission and Advisory Board agendas and meeting packages and Code Enforcement Hearing Agendas and Exhibits; takes minutes of Town Commission and Advisory Board meetings and Code Enforcement Hearings; prepares liens; prepares and maintains resolutions, ordinances and proclamations; maintains a comprehensive records management system and provides access to public records; coordinates the codification and publication of the Town’s Code of Ordinances; qualifies candidates for municipal office and supervises municipal elections; ensures compliance with ethics training requirements for elected and appointed officials; files financial disclosure forms; coordinates town events, and serves as the Treasurer, Human Resources Director and Website Administrator for the Town.

Functions & Duties of the Finance Director:
Oversees the accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll functions of the town, conducts month-end and year-end financial reporting functions, records and monitors the capital assets of the town, coordinates and maintains the insurance policies of the town and processes claims, administers FEMA grants for natural disasters, assists the Town Manager with budget preparation, and provides for the annual audit of the financial records of the Town.

Functions & Duties of the Treasurer:
Processes accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchase orders, cash receipting, and bank deposits for the Town.  Processes payroll, including 1099's, W-2's, 941's, and Florida State Retirement Reports.  Processes quarterly fuel rebates, Building Permit Certification Surcharge and Radon reports, Unemployment reports, and conducts lien searches.  Serves as a backup for the Building Clerk and front counter reception.

Functions & Duties of the Deputy Town Clerk:
Attends Town Commission, Planning & Zoning and Board of Adjustment meetings and produces the minutes of such meetings; prepares meeting packages for all boards and ensures that the proper paperwork is executed from the meetings; administers the RFP and bid processes; administers ordinances, resolutions and proclamations; prepares legal notices, public hearing notices, and advertisements; administers contracts, leases, agreements, and insurance policies of the town; administers public records requests; and updates the Town website as needed.  Serves as the Acting Town Clerk in the absence of the Town Clerk.

Functions & Duties of the Administrative Assistant/Receptionist:
Greets all customers and visitors at Town Hall and directs them to the appropriate officials, answers all incoming calls and handles all routine requests for information,  assists Building Clerk with building department inquiries and accepts routine building permit applications, assists with scheduling inspections, assists the Town Clerk with public records requests and records management functions, issues licenses and permits, prepares bank reconciliations and submits to Treasurer for review, performs various filing functions, records business registrations, and creates and maintains various letters, forms, reports, and spreadsheets.

Public Records Requests
The Town Clerk is the Records Custodian for records located at Town Hall and provides research of the official records for citizens and other departments upon request in compliance with Florida Public Records Law, and allows for the inspection and examination by any person, at any reasonable time, under reasonable conditions and under the supervision of the Town Clerk's office staff. (F.S. Chapter 119)

Please contact us at 561-732-2635, by email at tstevens@oceanridgeflorida.com, or stop by the office at 6450 N. Ocean Blvd, Ocean Ridge, FL 33435 to request Public Records.

Public Records Notice
Public Records Request Form

Each candidate for the office of Town Commissioner shall qualify as a candidate with the Town Clerk by filing his or her name and address on a form prescribed by the Town, as well as all other requirements set forth by state law, beginning on the first Monday in December and ending on the second Friday in December.  Anyone interested in running as a Town Commissioner in the next Town Election in March should contact the Town Clerk at 561-732-2635, or by email at tstevens@oceanridgeflorida.com to inquire about the candidate qualifying process.

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