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Town Manager

Tracey L. Stevens, MMC, CCM
Town Manager & Finance Director 
Phone: 561-732-2635 Ext 14
Fax: 561-737-8359

The Town Manager is authorized by the Town Charter to act as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town. In this capacity, the Town Manager is responsible for supervising all departments of the Town.  The Town Manager attends all Town Commission and Advisory Board Meetings and reports to the Town Commission on matters concerning the operations of the Town.  Additional responsibilities include preparing and submitting the annual budget to the Town Commission, overall Administration of Town Services, signing contracts on behalf of the Town, and Financial Management including requisition and purchase order review. The Town Manager also serves as the Finance Director of the Town.  See the Finance page for more information on Finance Director duties.

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contact information

561-732-2635 (main)

561-737-8359 (fax)

Citizen Information Line:

561-738-ORFL (6735)


911 (emergency)

561-732-8331 (non-emergency)
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