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Elected Officials

The Town of Ocean Ridge is an incorporated municipality and a political subdivision of the State of Florida. The legislative branch of the Town government is composed of five (5) Commissioners elected at-large including a Mayor who is selected by the Town Commission. Town Commissioners are elected for staggered three (3)-year terms of office. Under the provisions of the adopted Town Charter, Ocean Ridge operates under the Town Commission-Town Manager form of government and is recognized by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).  The Town Manager runs the day-to-day operations of the Town.

Each candidate for the office of Town Commissioner shall qualify as a candidate with the Town Clerk by filing his or her name and address on a form prescribed by the Town, as well as all other requirements set forth by state law, beginning on the first Monday in December and ending on the second Friday in December.  Anyone interested in running as a Town Commissioner in the next Town Election in March should contact the Town Clerk at 561-732-2635 to inquire about the candidate qualifying process.

Elected Town Officials

Town Commissioners may be contacted by email.  However, residents and the general public should first attempt to resolve any issues they may have by contacting Town Manager Tracey Stevens at tstevens@oceanridgeflorida.com, by calling 561-732-2635 or by stopping in at Town Hall.

Town Commission

Title & Name

Term Ending

Susan Hurlburt

March 2023

Vice Mayor
Kristine de Haseth

March 2024

Town Commissioner
Steve Coz

March 2025

Town Commissioner
Geoff Pugh

March 2024

Town Commissioner
Martin Wiescholek

March 2023

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contact information

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Citizen Information Line:

561-738-ORFL (6735)


911 (emergency)

561-732-8331 (non-emergency)
6450 N. Ocean Blvd
Ocean Ridge, FL 33435
Open 24 Hours

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