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Check for a Lost/Found Pet

Below (in red) are animals that have been reported lost and/or found in Ocean Ridge.  If you have any information on the animals below, please call Dispatch at 561-732-8331 24 hours / 7 days a week or Town Hall at 561-732-2635 between 8:30am-3:00pm Monday through Friday.

Lost & Found Pets

If you are an owner that has lost a pet or citizen that has found an animal you may want to create an account on Palm Beach County's SNAP website and report your lost/found information.  Call 561-233-1282 for more information.

You may also want to notify your veterinarian and neighbors and also check other shelters in the area.

Pet Tags

Pet tags are available for free of charge at the Ocean Ridge Police Department.  The tags say "Town of Ocean Ridge" and have the Police Department's phone number and an identification number assigned to the pet.  The pet's tag number together with the owner's name, telephone number, and a description of the pet is entered into the Town's computer system which will save time in identifying a particular animal. 

How to Report a Lost/Found Animal

1) Call Ocean Ridge Police Department non-emergency number at 561-732-8331.  Give the Dispatcher information on the lost/found animal, including description, where it was last seen or found, behavior traits, etc.  The Dispatcher will then inform the officers on duty of the missing animal.   Drop off a clear, current picture of the animal to ORPD. 

2) Send an email to lburns@oceanridgeflorida.com and dispatch@oceanridgeflorida.com that includes the pet's photo, name (if known), and any additional information known.

Once we receive the photo with information the Town's website will be updated and flyers will be posted in Town Hall's lobby, ODPD's lobby, and in the shadowboxes on the north end and south end of Town as well as the shadowbox in front of Town Hall.  A email alert will be sent to our residents and the information will also be posted on the Town's website.

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