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COVID-19 Town of Ocean Ridge Update

Dear Residents,

Many of you could choose to live anywhere in the world. We chose to live in Ocean Ridge because it is a small, welcoming and tightknit community. We love the beach, we love interacting with our neighbors, we love our freedom and we love our safety. I ask that we embrace these strong core values as the Town continues to transition to our “new normal”.

Today the Palm Beach County Commissioners approved Emergency Order #6 to tentatively re-open both private and public beaches on Monday, May 18.  The Commission will meet again on Friday, May 15 to review the order and could approve as written, amend the order, or rescind it based on the data that is available at that time.

Until then, we ask all residents to remain vigilant and patient.  Our goal is and always will be the safety of our residents and staff. We are a strong commUNITY!

Stay Safe and Be Well.

Warm regards,

Mayor,  Ocean Ridge



How Do I Stay Updated?
Please Sign Up for the Town’s News and Alerts through CivicReady. The Town’s Emergency Operators, Town Manager Stevens and Police Chief Hutchins, have been issuing updates regularly.

 Are Beaches Still Open?
Beaches are now open. The Palm Beach County decided to open beaches at their May 15 meeting. The beaches opened on May 18, 2020. The order in effect directs that beaches may open from sunrise to sunset in Palm Beach County, including the Town of Ocean Ridge. The order mandates that persons accessing the beaches shall follow CDC guidelines by limiting gatherings to no more than 10 persons and distancing themselves from other persons by 6 feet.

Should I be Wearing a Face Covering?
It is recommended and urged to wear Face Coverings while in public places.

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Additional Resources
To view Palm Beach County COVID-19 Testing Sites, please click here.
To view Testing Sites by map, please click here.



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  • Second Extention of State of Emergency
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  • Order Recommending Residents to Wear a Face Covering
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  • First Extention of State of Emergency
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  • Declaration of State of Emergency
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Town of Ocean Ridge COVID19 Updates25 documents

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  • Resident Update #22
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  • Resident Update #2
    document _recordid 211
  • Resident Update #1
    document _recordid 210

Palm Beach County Orders8 documents

  • Palm Beach County Order #8
    document _recordid 245
  • Palm Beach County Order #7
    document _recordid 244
  • Palm Beach County Order #6
    document _recordid 243
  • Palm Beach County Order #5
    document _recordid 236
  • Palm Beach County Order #4
    document _recordid 235
  • Palm Beach County Order #3
    document _recordid 234
  • Palm Beach County Order #2
    document _recordid 233
  • Palm Beach County Order #1
    document _recordid 232
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