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Coastal Resilience Partnership Update

The Town of Ocean Ridge is participating in the Coastal Resilience Partnership (CRP) of Southeast Palm Beach County.  The CRP fosters collaboration and cooperation in climate adaptation research and planning amoung jurisdictions sharing similar physical, geographic, and social characteristics in the southeast portion of Palm Beach County.

Officially formed in 2019, the CRP consists of seven jurisdictions and the County working together to complete a joint climate change vulnerability assessment for our area.  The CRP has received two grants from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection through the Florida Resilient Coastlines program to develop a regional framework to assess climate vulnerability and prioritize adaptation strategies, and to complete initial steps of the joint climate change vulnerability assessment.  Both FDEP grants have supported consistent outreach to the local community.

The first phase of the Climat Change Vulnerability Assessment is complete, and the consultant is now evaluating the data collected to evaluate and understand what is at risk.  This is the heart of the vulnerability assessment.  Step 1 culminated with the selection of twelve specific threats to the Southeast Palm Beach County community to be further evaluated.  Those threats are:  high winds, rainfall-induced flooding, harmfal algal blooms, pest & disease outbreaks, extreme heat, drought, wildfire, shoreline recession, tidal flooding, storm surge, groundwater inundation, and saltwater intrusion.  During step 2, the seven participating muncipalities and Palm Beach County collected all data needed to perform the assessment, and the consultant team organized and prepared the data for analysis.  The collected datasets are the ingredients necessary to understand how each climate threat will impact Southeast Palm Beach County.  This includes socio-economic data that will be used to ensure vulnerable populations are considered in an equitable manner.  Once the impacts are understood, adaptation strategies will be prioritized across several categories and all threats.  For example, this information will be used to identify at-risk infrastructure and develop strategies to adapt our infrastructure most effectively to a changing climate.

To view more information regarding the work of the Coastal Resilience Partnership, please visit www.coastalresiliencepartnership.org.
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