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After the Storm Helpful Tips!

After the Storm Helpful Tips!:
• Call your flood insurance company and file a claim. If you are unable to stay in your home, make sure to tell them where and how you can be reached.
• Do not walk through flowing water. Use a pole or stick to ensure that the ground is still there if you have to walk through a flooded area.
• Do not drive through a flooded area. More people drown in their cars than anywhere else. Do not drive around road barriers; the road or bridge may be washed out.
• Stay away from power lines and electrical wires. Do not touch any electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water. The number two flood killer after drowning is electrocution. Electrical current travels through water. Report downed power lines by calling 911.
• Flooding can cause familiar places to change. Flood debris may hide animals, red ants, snakes, broken glass, and toxic water as well as being very slippery.
• Always be alert for gas leaks. Use a flashlight to inspect for damage. Don’t smoke or use candles, lanterns or open flames unless you know the gas has been turned off and the area has been ventilated.
• Use flashlights for lighting when the power goes off. Do not use candles or any other type of open flame. The Fire Department may be unable to respond during a hurricane.
• Clean everything that got wet. Flood waters have picked up sewage, farm and landscaping chemicals, toxins from factories and roads, etc. Spoiled food, flooded cosmetics, and medicine can be health hazards. When in doubt, throw it out.
• Carbon monoxide exhaust kills. Use a generator or other gasoline-powered machine outdoors. The same goes for camping stoves. Charcoal fumes are especially deadly so cook with charcoal outdoors.
• Take good care of yourself. Recovering from a flood or storm is a big job. It is tough on both the body and the spirit and the effects a disaster has on you and your family may last a long time. Keep your eyes open for signs of anxiety, stress, and fatigue in you and your family.

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