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Regular Commission Meeting Summary

Town of Ocean Ridge, Florida
Office of the Town Clerk
Regular Commission Meeting Summary
March 7, 2022
The following is a list of actions taken at the March 7, 2022, Regular Town Commission Meeting. We hope this helps keep our residents informed in a timely fashion regarding Town Commission and Staff activities.
1. Presentations:
a. Chief Jones commended Sergeant Pilon and awarded him the life-saving pin for saving the life of an individual who overdosed within the town.
b. Chief Jones commended Police Officer Boyle for saving the life of a resident’s dog that was drowning in the intracoastal. The resident thanked the Town by donating a boat to us.
2. Announcements:
a. The meeting schedule for the next month is as follows: Regular Town Commission Meeting Monday, April 4th at 6:00 PM; Town Commission Goal Setting Workshop Monday, April 18th at 5:00 p.m.; Code Enforcement Hearing Tuesday, April 5th at 10:00 AM; Board of Adjustment Hearing, March 16 at 9AM; and Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Monday, March 21st at 8:00 AM. All meetings are held in the Commission Chambers at Town Hall.
b. Please join us on March 12th at 10:00 a.m. at Town Hall for Turtle Talk with Kim Jones. Speaker Kim Jones is a Native Floridian and retired engineer, who has worked with threatened and endangered sea turtles for forty years. Kim has been lecturing to private clubs, schools, and governmental entities for decades to increase awareness of these compromised creatures. By bringing attention to the 150-million-year-old species, she hopes to inform the Town about the upcoming activities during the nesting season, so we can better understand and contribute to the vital work on behalf of sea turtles.
c. Please join us at Town Hall on Saturday, April 2nd for the “Save the Seas” Event from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For more information regarding this event, please visit the Town’s website.
d. There will be no Municipal Election in March, as only one candidate qualified to fill one Town Commission seat. The candidate that qualified is Steve Coz. Commissioner Coz will be sworn into office on March 9, 2022.
e. The Town Commission will consider appointments to the following Board positions at the May 2, 2022, Town Commission meeting: Board of Adjustment, one regular member and two alternate members for a three year term; and Planning & Zoning Commission, two alternate members for a three year term. Interested residents must be registered to vote in Ocean Ridge and submit a resume and letter of interest to the Town Clerk by the deadline of April 20th at 3:00 p.m. Incumbents are exempted from the resume and letter of interest requirement.
f. Bridge repairs on the Island Drive bridge, Sabal Island bridge, and Inlet Cay bridge will commence on March 15th for a period of approximately 90 days. Written notices will be mailed to all residents potentially affected by this construction. Residents on these islands shall prepare for potential traffic impacts such as lane closures near the bridges throughout this construction time period. We thank you in advance for your patience.
g. Please join us each month prior to the Town Commission meeting at 5:00 p.m. for the Building Official Educational Forum in the Commission Chambers at Town Hall. Details including topics to be discussed each month are on the Town’s website.
h. Residents who wish to sign up to receive important Town notifications and news through Civic Ready should sign up on the Town’s website or call Town Hall for assistance.
3. Public Comment:
a. Directed Town Manager Stevens to work with resident Cynthia Archbold on applying for the Tree City designation for Ocean Ridge, which includes an Arbor Day proclamation.
b. Approved the Garden Club’s request to install a banner in front of Town Hall for two weeks to promote the “Save the Seas – Plastics Free” event.
c. Directed Town Manager Stevens to place donation boxes at Town Hall to collect items for displaced Ukrainians as suggested by resident Lynsey Kane with the condition that the Town vet the charity organizations first.
4. Approved the Consent Agenda including:
a. Adopted Minutes of the Regular Town Commission Meeting of February 7, 2022
b. Accepted of the Revenue & Expenditure Reports for January 2022
c. Approved Budgeted Expenditure of up to $70,000 for Force AV to Replace the Audio/Visual System in the Commission Chambers
d. Approved Budgeted Expenditure of $12,935.25 to Axon Enterprise for the Body Camera Maintenance Agreement for FY22
e. Approved Budgeted Expenditure of up to $64,000 to MWI Pumps for the Refurbishment of one 40-hp pump and one 100-hp pump at the Tropical Pump Station
f. Approved Budgeted Expenditure of up to $45,000 to Benchmark Painting & Carpentry for the Painting of the Town Hall Facility
g. Adopted Resolution No.2022-03: A Resolution of the Town Commission of the Town of Ocean Ridge, Florida, Approving An Interlocal Agreement with Palm Beach County Regarding Regional Funds from Opioid Litigation Settlements; Authorizing the Mayor to Execute Such Agreement; Providing for Conflict, Severability, and an Effective Date, and for Other Purposes.
h. Adopted the Agreement Between the Town of Ocean Ridge and the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association, Inc. for the period of October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2024
i. Adopted Resolution No. 2022-05: Appointing a Special Magistrate and Approving a Two-Year Professional Services Agreement for Special Magistrate Services with Davis & Associates, Inc.
j. Approved One-Year Extension of the Town’s Agreement for Iguana Management Services with Blue Iguana Pest Control, Inc.
k. Approved One-Year Extension of the Town’s Agreement for Town Planner Services with Place Planning & Design, Inc.
l. Approved Lien Satisfaction for 101 Bonito Drive
m. Approved Unbudgeted Emergency Expenditure of up to $14,000 to DSC to Replace the Police Department’s Alarm Monitoring Receiver
5. Adopted on Second Reading Ordinance 2022-03 – An Ordinance of the Town of Ocean Ridge, Florida, Amending its Code of Ordinances at Chapter 58, “Utilities,” Article II, Entitled “Fencing and Screening of Sewage Disposal Facilities and Treatment Plants,” By Amending Section 58-26, Entitled “Required; Payment Of Costs; Review Of Plans,” To Revise the Fencing Requirement To Be By Concrete Block Wall of Up to Eight (8) Feet in Height Around Sewage Disposal Facilities or Sewage Treatment Plants; Providing For Repeal of Conflicting Ordinances, Severability, and an Effective Date.
6. Approved funding from contingency in the amount of $10,500, with matching funds of $10,500 by residents of Sabal Island, for Phase II of the Sabal Island Beautification Project, with the condition that the Sabal Island Beautification committee work with town staff to ensure that the proposed landscaping work will not interfere with the scheduled bridge repair on Sabal Island.
7. Approved Budgeted Expenditure of up to $55,000 to Ford Credit Municipal Finance for Vehicle Purchases for FY22.
8. Approved Unbudgeted Expenditure of up to $41,000 to purchase an additional water pump that would be housed at Town Hall and used in the event of any pump failures throughout the Town.
9. Adopted Resolution No. 2022-04: A Resolution of the Town Commission of the Town of Ocean Ridge, Florida, Amending the Employee Handbook; Providing for Repeal of Prior Resolutions in Conflict; and Providing for an Effective Date.
10. Adopted a Drug-Free Workplace Policy.
11. Adopted Updated Salary Ranges for Police Officers and Sergeants in Accordance with the Union Contract.
12. Approved Updates to the Construction Site Management Handbook.
13. Deferred Replacement of a Water Valve in the area of 6885 N. Ocean Blvd.
14. Town Manager Stevens presented the monthly Town Manager’s Report. Important information in the Town Manager’s Report may be found on the Town’s website by clicking here.
15. The following additional Staff & Committee Reports were presented: Planning & Zoning Commission, Police Department, Town Engineer & Public Works, and Building Department.
16. Directed the Town Manager and the Town Attorney to explore a possible ordinance change to prevent the use of bicycles and motorized vehicles on the Town’s crossovers, and to also address scooter rentals.
17. Mayor de Haseth provided an update on the recent League of Cities meetings, City of Boynton Beach Public Meetings, and Palm Beach County Meetings.
18. Directed Town Manager Stevens and Vice Mayor Hurlburt to explore options for a town resident or other person to serve as Facilitator for the Old Ocean Blvd Pedestrian Safety Task Force at no cost to the Town.
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