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Hiring a Contractor?

Below are some helpful hints to follow when hiring a contractor:

  1. Get at least three estimates from different contractors for the same job.  Don’t be victimized by someone making a door-to-door presentation offering to do repair jobs or home improvements "on-the-spot" and requiring a cash deposit.
  2. Make sure that the contractor you choose is licensed by the State of Florida or your county government. To verify if a contractor is licensed, visit https://myfloridalicense.com/ and click on the link, "Search for a License, Permit, or Registration". You can also call 850-487-1395
  3. Ask your contractor for references, and follow up with those references.  Make personal contacts and ask about the quality of work.
  4. Read your contract very carefully, including warranty information on any products used to strengthen your home.  Require a written contract with the contractor’s license number on it. Don’t sign if there are any blank areas and until you fully understand the terms. 
  5. Don’t pay cash, don’t let payments get ahead of the work completed, and don’t pay the full cost of the job up-front. Make sure that building material costs are paid; ask for receipts.
  6. Make sure that the products used meet code requirements and all appropriate building permits have been pulled with the Town.
  7. Check workers’ compensation coverage by requesting to see a certificate of insurance. If injuries occur on your property, you may be liable.
For more tips when hiring a contractor, visit go to http://myflorida.com/dbpr/view brochure, and visit Palm Beach County's Contractor information page.

You can verify if a Florida contractor has a state license by visiting www.myflorida.com or by calling the board office at (850) 487-1395.

(sources: myflorida.com and Florida’s Construction Industry Licensing Board)

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