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Hurricane Information

Hurricane Information
561-738-ORFL (561-738-6735) - Citizen Information Line

Did You Know?
Hurricane watch means hurricane conditions (sustained winds of at least 74 mph) are possible in the area within 48 hours.

Hurricane warning means hurricane-force conditions (sustained winds of at least 74 mph) are expected in your area in 36 hours or less.
(Source: PBC's Hurricane Guide 2020)

Before A Storm
Hurricane Preparedness Guide 
Annual Hurricane Season Letter 2022 from Chief Jones

Evacuation Zones
Important Phone Numbers To Know
Tree-Trimming Contractor List (FPL)
FPL's Guide to Trees and Power Lines
Florida Division of Emergency Management
FEMA Hurricane Season
FEMA Disaster Assistance
National Weather Service
NOAA Storm Surge Interactive Maps
National Hurricane Center Hurricane Tracking Chart
Palm Beach County Hurricane Information
U. S. Geologic Survey - Real Time Gage Data 

During A Storm
During Landfall
Saffir-Simpson Scale

Category Wind Speed
1 74 to 95 mph
2 96 to 110 mph
3 111 to 130 mph
4 131 to 155 mph
5 155+ mph

After A Storm
Who Helps After A Storm? 
FEMA Disaster Recovery and Assistance
General Post-Storm Safety

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