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Finance Department

Tracey L. Stevens, MMC
Town Manager & Finance Director
Phone: 561-732-2635 Ext 14
Fax: 561-737-8359

Jean Hallahan, Treasurer
561-732-2635 Ext 10

Karla Armstrong, Deputy Treasurer
561-732-2635 Ext 13

Functions & Duties of the Finance Manager:
Oversees the financial operations of the Town, coordinates with all Departments and prepares the annual budget for submission to the Town Commission.  Reviews all requisitions, invoices, purchase orders, and monthly bank statement reconciliations, and performs month-end and year-end closing procedures.  Prepares audit schedules and provides for the annual audit of the financial records of the Town.  Safeguards the assets of the town through implementation or acquisition of adequate internal control mechanisms and investments.  Formulates and implements finance policies and procedures, and reviews financial statements of the town periodically.

Functions & Duties of the Treasurer
Processes accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchase orders, and cash receipting of the town; signs all checks;  processes payroll, including 1099's, W-2's, 941's, and Florida State Retirement Reports; coordinates wire transfers for debt payments; processes quarterly fuel rebates, Building Permit Certification Surcharge and Radon Reports, and Unemployment reports; conducts lien searches; records and monitors the capital assets of the town; monitors monthly credit card activity; assists the Town Manager/Finance Director with budget preparation and the annual audit of the financial records of the Town.

Functions & Duties of the Deputy Treasurer:
Assists the Treasurer with processing of accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchase orders, cash receipting, payroll, and bank deposits for the Town.  Administers FEMA grants for storm reimbursements; prepares legal TRIM advertisements as part of the budget process; administers the Town's insurance policies.  Also serves as the Town Clerk and the backup for the Building Clerk and Town Hall Receptionist.

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