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Dark House Program

When you plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time please visit the Police Department and fill out the “Dark House” information form.  By doing so it allows police officers to know who is allowed at your residence while you are away and provides contact information in the event of an emergency. Officers will check the exterior premises (single structures only) once every 24-hours while you are away for those that participate in the Dark House Program.

Alarm Monitoring

The Police Department provides an alarm monitoring service for residents that want to have their alarms come directly to the center. The current cost for the service is $200/year plus a $10 alarm user permit fee ($210.00 total) which is billed annually. Interested residents should call Town Hall to ensure that the alarm company chosen is currently registered with the Police Department.

Vehicle Decals

Automobile decals are available free of charge at the Ocean Ridge Police Department. These decals, when placed on the rear window of an automobile, identify the vehicles as belonging to an Ocean Ridge resident. The Police Department encourages residents to obtain one of these decals which have an individual number and will identify the vehicle. Homeowners must show proof of residency.

Pet Tags

Pet tags are available free of charge at the Ocean Ridge Police Department.  The tags say “Town of Ocean Ridge” and have the Police Department’s phone number and an identification number assigned to the pet. The pet’s tag number together with the owner’s name, telephone number, and a description of the pet is entered into the Town’s computer system which will save time in identifying a particular animal. Homeowners must show proof of residency to obtain pet tags.

Special Duty Details

The Police Department offers all residents the ability to hire an off-duty police officer for special events. Payment for Special-Duty Details will be made directly to the Town immediately upon assignment of the detail, or on the pay cycle of the requesting party. The Ocean Ridge Police Department will attempt to place Officers during the requested dates and hours.  To hire an off-duty police officer, please complete the required application.

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