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The Town of Ocean Ridge operates as a Town Commission/Manager form of government, and has a Town Commission which acts as the policy making board of the Town with all legislative powers.  The Commission consists of five members who are elected at large by the electors of the Town.  Any elector of the Town is eligible to hold the office of Town Commissioner.

There is an annual election on the second Tuesday in March of each year to fill the vacancies occasioned by the expiration or early termination of the terms of office of Commissioners.  The Commissioners receive compensation of $100.00 per month.  Each year the Commissioners select from their members a Mayor and a Vice Mayor.

  • The current Mayor of the Town is Steve Coz, Vice-Mayor is Don MaGruder and the Commissioners are Philip Besler, Kristine de Haseth, and Susan Hurlburt.
  • The Acting Town Manager Tracey Stevens, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the Town, is responsible to the Commission for the administration of all Town affairs as defined per the Charter, Town Code and placed in his charge.  The Town Manager runs the day-to-day operations of the Town.  You may reach Ms. Stevens at (561) 732-2635 or via email.
  • The Town Clerk/Treasurer, Tracey Stevens, serves as the Town Clerk and Treasurer of the Town and is responsible for all the Town's finances, record keeping, archives and posting and publishing of notices and ordinances.  You may reach Tracey Stevens by contacting Town Hall at 561-732-2635 or via email.

The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of five members and two alternate members who are appointed by the Town Commission.  The Planning and Zoning Commission is an advisory board of the Town that proposes and reviews applications for amendments to the comprehensive plan, hears applications for district boundary change amendments to the Land Development Code, major development site plans and special exceptions including planned residential developments, subdivision plats, and concept plan review applications.  The Planning and Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the Town Commission. Current members of the Planning and Zoning Commission are:

  • Jerry Goray (Chair), Ric Carey, David Hutchins, Penny Kosinski, and Mark Marsh.
  • Alternates are James Leming and and Neil Hennigan.

The Board of Adjustment consists of five members and two alternate members who are appointed by the Town Commission. The Board of Adjustment acts on any requests for variances to zoning ordinances and hears appeals. Current members of the Board of Adjustment are:

  • Bruce Gimmy (Chair), Betty Bingham, Polly Joa, Robert Sloat, and Martin Wiescholek.
  • Alternates are John Lipscomb and Kimberlee Duke Pompeo.

Correspondence to members of the Town Commission or any other board members should be made in care of Tracey Stevens at Ocean Ridge Town Hall, 6450 N Ocean Blvd., Ocean Ridge, FL 33435.

Town Hall Hours & General Contact Information:

Town Hall Telephones:

561-732-2635 (main)
561-737-8359 (fax)

561-738-ORFL (6735)
Citizen Information Line

Public Lobby Open for Town Business:

Mon.-Fri. 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
All other times use Police Dispatch Entrance

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Police Dept. 24/7/365:

911 (emergency)

561-732-8331 (non-emergency)

8:30 AM - 2:30 PM 
Public Records Hours

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Open M-F 8:30am-3:00pm

6450 N. Ocean Blvd

Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

contact information

561-732-2635 (main)

561-737-8359 (fax)

Citizen Information Line:

561-738-ORFL (6735)


911 (emergency)

561-732-8331 (non-emergency)
6450 N. Ocean Blvd
Ocean Ridge, FL 33435
Open 24 Hours

Public Records Hours: